Lumnanas Indians

Indigenous Paraguay is a website that is dedicated to looking at the various native tribes of Paraguay. Paraguay has been heavily influenced by the native culture Guarani tribes. The language is alive in everyday Paraguayan speech and Paraguay was also the first country in the Americas to add an indigenous language as its official language in the constitution. This is very interesting because in countries such as Guatemala, Bolivia, or Peru where speakers of an indigenous language are numbered in the millions, the speakers are predominantly people of pure native blood, Paraguay ,on the other hand, is also the only country where the majority of speakers are people of native language are in fact of half or less of indigenous decent, or with no native blood at all.

Paraguay's has 17 different tribes all put into five different language families. The Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages listed Paraugay as a language hotspot because of the enormous language diversity in such a small region. I hope this site helps to show the incredible cultures of the different tribes and the richness they add to Paraguay's history and present culture.

Last Update: July 15, 2013